About Us

TLDR; Couldn't find the tool I needed so made my own. I'm picky. It needs to be easy to set up, easy to use, and make trades in less than 1 second.

Quick Backstory

I wanted to do something I *thought* was simple: take an alert from TradingView™ and make a trade on my exchange.

What I found when searching through Google and YouTube fell into these categories:

  • The user interface was SUPER hard to use, obviously built by a programmer, and could only used by a programmer or the most dedicated nerd
  • Did everything under the sun and promised the world but couldn't do this simple task
  • Asked me to download some sketchy program and run it on my computer (yeah, right)
  • Had too many "features" I couldn't figure heads from tails and was forced to give up

That started me on the journey of building a simple to use program that let me test a bunch of TradingView™ indicators to find the ones that worked for me and were profitable.

It HAD to be easy to setup, easy to use, and make the trades in less than a second whenever possible.

After we accomplished that...

the natural question was: which one(s) of these indicators was profitable. That quickly led to hundreds of test campaigns and then to millions of variations, combinations, and permutations. of indicators and settings to ultimately find the most profitable campaigns to run in bear, bull, or sideways channel markets.

Objective: profitable set and forget trading.