Automated TradingView™ Trades

The easiest way to trade based on signals received from your TradingView™ account

tradingview to exchange bot
  • Never Miss a Trade

    Crypto markets trade 24/7/365. Unless you want to lock yourself in a basement, have your eyes glued to a computer monitor, and pee in a bottle so you don't miss a trade, you need this tool.

    Life gets hectic. That doesn't have to mean you can't make money trading in your sleep

  • Yes, You Can Do Papertrading

    Not totally confident in the indicator you chose? No problem.

    When you're setting up the Exchange, just choose the paper trading sandbox account and let it run for while. 

  • Makes Trades for You In About 1 Second

    We try to make the trade in under 1 sec. Sometimes the Exchange's API, it takes slightly longer.

    Basically, it's friggin' fast.

  • Run Multiple Campaigns at Once

    Maybe you'd like to try your indicator on different timeframes? Different coins? Different exchanges? Different financial products?

    In short, you have the flexibility if you want it. Start simple and expand if needed.

  • Use a Layered Exit Strategy

    You can exit when your Indicator tells you to. Or, you can exit when you reach a certain profit margin, stop, or trailing stop. 

    You can get as granular with it as you need to eek out every cent profit.

Stupid Simple

4 Easy Steps to Automated TradingView™ Trading

setup a tradingview indicator

1) Setup Your Alerts in Tradingview™

Once you have your indicator installed in your account, it's only a click to set an Alert

tradingview to exchanges

2) Connect Your Favorite Exchange

Don't See Your Exchange Here? No Problem. Let us know what it is and we'll add it within the week.

setup a signal on cakeup bot

3) Setup Cakup Bot to Receive Alerts

Let Cakeup trading bot know what signals you want it to process (signals = tradingview alerts™)

setup a signal on cakeup bot

4) Create a Campaign

Take the Signals you just setup and make a Campaign

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$29 / Month

  • 50 Active Campaigns
  • All Exchanges and/or Brokers
  • Unlimted # of Campaign Signals
    (TradingView™ Alerts)


$49 / month

  • 1000 Active Campaigns
  • All Exchanges and/or Brokers
  • Unlimited # of Campaign Signals
    TradingView™ Alerts
Best Value


$99 / Month

  • 1000 Active Campaigns
  • All Exchanges and/or Brokers
  • Unlimited # of Campaign Signals
    (TradingView™ Alerts)

Let Me Know When My Exchange Is Listed

Use this form if you'd like to join but we don't have your exchange or broker listed yet. You will be reserving a no-obligation spot in the first 100 and won't have to pay until you can actually use the product.